Boxing Day Sale 2019

Many people wait for the most celebrated festival at the end of the year -Christmas. The preparations start well in advance, that too a month ago, right from the Thanksgiving Day itself. Boxing day is celebrated on the next day of Christmas i.e. 26th December, which marks the holiday in various countries like Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and some other European countries. It originated in England during the middle of the 19th Century wherein the servants are given a day off from work and are given gifts from their masters. Whereas in the USA it is observed as a day well spent with family and of course with all the Christmas gifts to be opened at the house. It is declared a public holiday in some countries. Most of the stores organise Boxing Day Sale as well.

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The most daunting task is to select and buy the most cherished or eagerly awaited product on boxing day sale- some people start planning for this from few days before the sale day. Besides, the gift should be memorable, appealing and must bring a smile to the one receiving it. Although in this digital and e-commerce age, nothing is impossible to get; the only difficulty is either the sky-rocketing prices or the non-availability of delivery options if you want the product to be delivered internationally. For instance, products like DL Connection Kit for iPhone X Series are not available in some countries or are overly priced. Whereas, they can be easily obtained for USD $39.95 from the USA. Unfortunately, this product is not available in India so far. Not only this, there is a list of gift items / products that are not available in India; or even if it is available in a country it might not be at the price you would be able to buy it from abroad.


Another thing to consider is the price of such overseas product. For gifting, we already have a budget in our mind. What if the product / item we choose is out of our pocket? In this situation, people try their shopping tricks to avail the products by hook or crook but at reasonable prices.  


Shopping tricks

One of the ways to get the products is to buy them from other regions/ countries where either it is manufactured or is easily available abundantly at a pocket-friendly price. But the question is, how to buy things from other countries online? 


Either, you are going to wait for your friends and relatives and ask them – can you please bring me that from there or search for other online shipping options where the delivery time with shipping and customs clearance will be around 4 weeks;along with the mounting delivery charges which exceeds the cost of the product. To save you from the hassle of shipping products from overseas, one of the leading websites is doing a great job.  


How AirCarry helps you buy international products for Boxing day sale?
AirCarry is an innovative initiative by a group of like-minded people who have built this peer to peer international shipping community of travellers and shoppers around the whole wide world. AirCarry is a global shopping platform, which helps Shoppers buy products from the international market without having to travel personally to those countries or pay exorbitant international shipping fees. The Shoppers sign up on, upload image of the product and the product link from the international website, from where the products can be purchased.

AirCarry comprises several verified travellers who have registered on the AirCarry platform. These travellers are either travelling currently or are planning to travel in the near future. The travellers can check out the list of “Requests” made on the website by the Shoppers at and may “Offer” to get any of the requested product at a cost that will include the cost of the product, taxes and as well as the cost for the efforts put in by the traveller to purchase & carry the product. Once the offer is made to Shopper on the AirCarry platform, Shopper has a free will to accept or reject it. If accepted, he/she must deposit funds with AirCarry’s reliable payment partner, PayPal, which is refundable if the product is not delivered or found defective. When the traveller delivers the item at a scheduled meeting, the amount is transferred to Traveller’s account as soon as the Shopper confirms delivery.


This way, anyone from around the world can buy amazing items for Boxing Day, that will be absolutely unique, cost-effective and is going to be an excellent gift for your loved ones or to anyone you can think of.


Gift items / products listed at AirCarry for Boxing Day Sale

 You as a registered Shopper can request anything and everything you want on However, a few items are not allowed to be requested that either violates the law of land or are illegal when it comes to the safety and security of the country and the Travellers. You can check out the list of prohibited products at this link For everything else, there is AirCarry.


If you look at the product range for your gifting ideas, at present there are several requests made by Shoppers, such as White Noise Sound Machine from the UK, Michael Kors Isla Satchel handbag from the USA, Coach Eau de Parfum from Dubai, Dell XPS 9370 Touchscreen Laptop PC from the USA, and many more. Some of these might not be available in your country at any market or online marketplaces; especially at these prices. You can also look at AirCarry’s blog for curated deals, if you are running out of shopping ideas. 

AirCarry is the safest, secure and convenient way to get Boxing Day gifts or anything you want from anywhere in the world. If you are also planning to give a unique, and special gift to your loved ones this Boxing Day, log on to and request a delivery by travellers for any of your desired overseas product.

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