K Beauty: the new name in the cosmetic industry

From Funky to classy, today’s youngsters overpoweringly embrace individualism. We live in an era where everything is available with just few clicks; investigate products through reviews and blogs, even without having to buy the product yourself. In recent times, the Korean skincare has transcended beyond the traditional Western cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. Korean cosmetics which is popularly known as K-cosmetics or K Beauty; not only consists of a wide range of products like serums, ampoules, masks etc. but can be customized to suit an individual’s exact skin care needs. Such kinds of products are what today’s fashionista/ultrachic who look after their skin’s micro-level needs should buy.

From cute designs and attractive scents to current trending ingredients, K-Beauty products are replacing many of the existing makeup products. Famous brands such as Tony Moly, package their products to look like animated characters, fruits and animals. Missha is another famous brand whose collections comprise of imaginative collaborations with Hello Kitty and D.C.’s Wonder Woman. Such designs lure youngsters. Brands such as Innisfree and Skin Food have natural ingredients incorporated in them. This is another positive aspect of K-cosmetics. Euromonitor International’s 2015 Beauty Survey found that 13% of U.S. population seeks out for natural or organic color cosmetic products, and 20% seek out natural or organic skin care products.

On one hand problems such as acne, oily/dry skin, dark-circles are so hard to deal with, and on the other hand problems related to finding a good skin cleanser or a make-up remover is hard to come by. K-cosmetics provide a wide variety of natural products that can be used to treat any skin related issue.

Recently, the most popular Korean product has been the BB cream. It not only covers up blemishes but also acts as a foundation. The products have varying properties, such as deep cleansing, antioxidant, skin rejuvenation etc.

Below are some of the most sought out products by K-beauty fans

Acne treatment-
Sokoglam Product

Designed to provide relief to irritated skin. The Plant base product contains extracts of  Centella Asiatic leaves. The product helps control excess sebum and removes dead skin, whichin-turn control breakouts.

Wash off masks –

Sokoglam washoff mask product

Goodal is a glacial clay mask, designed to treat oily skin. Its deep cleansing properties cleanse the pores by removing excess oil and dead skin.

Travel kits –

Color Filter Shadow Palette

It is a great exercise of self control when having to carry a limited number of skin care products while travelling. The travel kit helps you carry only those essential products in a single box. From multiple shimmery and matte shadows to an inbuilt mirror, this travel kit from Missha has it all.

Selected Korean beauty products –

3CE Multi Eye Color Palette K-Beauty

Oil Cleanser –

Sokoglam Oil Cleanser

Infused with green tea, argon and sea buckthorn, the commleaf balm not only removes makeup but also leaves the skin feeling moisturised and healthy.

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Hope you get to discover and enjoy your favourite K-Beauty product soon!

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