Best places to holiday this Christmas

December is all about plum cakes, decorated trees, shining stars, Santa Claus, carols and festivity. Yes, I am talking about the most awaited festival of the year, Christmas, which is signified by the vibrant red, green and white colours in the atmosphere. The very thought of Christmas brings a myriad list of planning, from shopping, travelling, celebrating, food, drinks along with brightly lit decorated house, malls, markets etc. Everything appears swinging in the mood of celebration. Some prefer to lay back at home to celebrate Christmas with friends and relatives. On the other hand, the travel enthusiast sees the festival as another great opportunity to celebrate it by travelling and holidaying to some other place within the country or abroad.

Christmas decoration

Earn when you travel

Travelling during Christmas season can pinch a little to your pocket because during this time the cost of travelling remains at its highest; best although you may try to grab as many discount coupons, cash-back offers, etc. But in reality, nothing gives much relief from the high cost. From flights to hotels, the prices keep soaring high. Well, after trying all the tricks and tips, surely you would not have been able to save much on your travel. 

Now, you can save a lot on your travel budget by simply shopping for someone through AirCarry. Sounds interesting yet strange. Well, let us discuss AirCarry, which is pretty beneficial for travellers. All that travellers are required to do is select any order from the list; offer a price at which you can buy and deliver the product to the Shopper including your cost of procuring the product. Finally schedule a meeting with the Shopper, deliver the product and earn your cash. A simple delivery by travellers helps shoppers buy those products that either is not available in their region or are available at a very high price.

But before earning your travel reward, here is a list of some of the best places to holiday this Christmas:

1) Reykjavík, Iceland

Being famous for the northern lights, Reykjavík, Iceland offers 13 days of celebrations before Christmas. The Yule Town Christmas Market lets you buy so many products while you enjoy some yummy food.


2) Dubai

Dubai is a heaven for shopaholics and offers various spectacular places to visit. The glitz and skyscrapers make for an ideal holiday spot. Do not miss the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa

3) Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada, is full of activities and food. The German Christmas Market at Quebec City, Canada gets you the most delicious sausage and roast chestnut. You can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, hiking or drive your way through snowmobile.


4) Paris

The environment of Paris becomes fragrant with Christmas’ food and spices. The dazzling Eiffel Tower with bright light makes for an eye-piece. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral for Christmas sermon, and watch out for decorated trees that are shining with fairy lights.



5) New York City, USA

Rockefeller Centre in the New York City hosts the 27 meter Christmas Tree and also the ice rink. The Columbus Circle at the Central Park consists of several vendors who sell gift items, clothes, food, and drink at the very busy Holiday Market. The flagship and other departmental stores at the Fifth Avenue display all the famous brand of the fashion world.


6) Goa, India

If you want to escape from the cold winter and enjoy some beach, then head out to this amazing coastal jewel of India – Goa! You will never run out of options to do in Goa – be it nightlong parties at the beach, having cocktails in bars & pubs or dancing all night at a pub, or lazing by the beautiful pool or if you want to enjoy some Christmas festivities then head out to the cathedrals decorated with lights and flowers with midnight mass at the church with little children singing Christmas carols.

Se Cathedral, Goa
Se Cathedral, Goa


7) Lapland, Finland 

The Rovaniemi, Lapland in Finland is considered the Christmas headquarters. Must see the reindeer safaris and the Ranua Wildlife Park that houses the polar bears, moose and the wolverines. There are hotels that are made exclusively from snow and ice. Check out the Artktikum science centre where the mysteries surrounding the northern lights are revealed. Join the children and Mrs Claus, who makes delicious gingerbread cookies. The Elf schools have Santa’s elf as workers.

Lapland, Finland

Visiting the above places during Christmas holidays makes for an excellent, memorable experience and can cost a huge fortune. But, with some travel hacks, you can reduce your travel expenses.  

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