Tips to reduce travel costs

Traveling helps to build memories for life! As the saying goes you don’t have to be Rich to Travel Well! Well, let us rephrase this ‘you need to be smart to Travel well’. Spending smartly and earning while travel makes your money last longer while you travel because every dollar adds up and it’s better to spend money on the activities and meals you want instead of giving it to banks or wasting it on unnecessary expenses.


Though reducing expenses while travel feels overwhelming and impossible! Here are some effective ways to reduce the cost of traveling and make travel more fun. Let’s get into how to reduce travel costs:

Advance bookings:Booking flights or activities last minute on the ground might nab you a deal, but there are discounted rates you can take advantage of through advance booking. Search for your flights on incognito/private mode to ensure airlines are not storing cookies and hiking up prices by the time you finally decide on a flight.


Go touristy but at the right time: To reduce travel costs either hop on a midweek flight like on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or choose an off-season which usually saves additional travel costs. Try and avoid school holidays if you can. Choose where you stay wisely:

You can appreciate the place you travel more when you come across real vibes of the place. Luxurious stays are best to relax but you may miss out on the authenticity! It is not only economical but it is always best to choose the hostels which are suitably located near tourist locations, enabling you to walk and save on travel costs.

Indulge with the locals and eat like the townies :You can get unrefined and innocent insight and can end up discovering so many new things about the place from the locals and get some tips on how not to get bamboozled. And you might end up making friends for life, who knows?

Indulge with the locals and eat like the townies

Not only are local dishes cheaper but also more savory and authentic. If you choose to eat your native cuisine while traveling abroad, it almost always adds up to the costs as the ingredients are outsourced. Eating as townies will introduce you to the new taste, ingredients and make memories.

The holy travelling word: Walking“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” very rightly picked by John Muir as there’s no better way to know a new city than by walking and exploring the hidden gems; you’ll also end up saving some of your travel budgets. In case you can’t walk a lot and do need a ride, opt for public transportation and know that there are frequent-travel cards which can prove to be much smarter than single fares. Ask the locals about the same.


Open a Travel-Friendly Bank Account:

Open a Travel-Friendly Bank Account

Yes, they do exist! It gives you limitless ATM withdrawals overseas without any extra charges as foreign transaction fees. Learn more about it from your home country banks. Watch on Exchange rates to your Advantage, exchange moneyYou can get more for your money in places like the post-Brexit United Kingdom, post-Olympics Brazil, Mexico and others. 

Earn while on the trip! This one got you spinning; Isn’t it? Your answer lies here brings you the unique opportunity to make someone happy and get paid at the same time.

How can you earn?

Delivering the desired product to our excited shoppers will bring joy to everyone. You can see the various overseas product requests made on the AirCarry community and choose an item that you wish to deliver. This can be based on your available baggage space or the money you want to make on each delivery. After all, it wouldn’t harm to reduce travel costs and earn a few extra dollars while you are traveling. Isn’t it? While you are at it, ask your shopper/requester about the local hotspots and things to do. As mentioned earlier, locals are the best travel guides one can ask for.

The journey is yours so make it worthwhile – make some money, make some new friends and make new memories to cherish for a lifetime. Go unleash the travel freak within you with today.

How to Earn

Contributed by Barbie D

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